Monday, 20 December 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Christmas and New Year Holidays

Its Chritmas time! So as you will all be super busy getting ready to go away, or cook big meals, or finish that work project, or do that essay, I thought I would just post some pictures of the cakes I've made for love.

 And my parting thoughts till 2011 - I hope you have loved and been loved, had happy times to remember fondly, look back with a sense of achievement and satisfaction, enjoyed your birthdays and anniversaries and I wish you lots of joy filled celebrations next year. xx Janet

Monday, 13 December 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Christmas Cakes

As we dig ourselves out of the snow and move steadily towards Christmas week I know the only sensible topic for the blog is Christmas Cakes.
For adult prechristmas parties designer cupcakes are definitely the right choice:not too big or small, can be eaten without a fork and plate, look divine and can match your theme or colour scheme, and yes they can be laced with alcohol if ordered from a specialist baker.

 These pretty things are actually a traditional vanilla cupcake- but the brief was for winter wonderland - so I used ice blue vanilla buttercream and a blue and white fondant topper with a royal icing snowlfake designs. The delight was in the 4 different textures - featherlight sponge, rich melting buttercream, soft and creamy fondant and a crack from the royal icing snowflake - beautiful
For children a smaller size fun cupcake is needed - these are the snowmen I made for the Kings Hill School Christmas Fete last weekend - Yes the snowman's head is all fondant -so they really pack a sugar hit- but kids need a bit of extra energy to sustain them till the end of term.
If you need any cakes for your Christmas Parties be sure to order by Friday 17th December - last cakes will be baked on Thursday 23rd for collection that day so phone 01732 843518 or text 07714 286911 or email

best wishes, Janet

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Once Bitten Forever Smitten - Let it Snow

This week has been a wonderful white out - ok I know very frustrating if you had to do something but we passed on our booze cruise to France and I iced our Christmas Cake instead.
 So if you would like a special Cake for a Christmas Birthday let me know as soon as possible (I have  several family birthdays to bake for so I need to get organised) text 07714286911 phone 01732843518 or

Kings Hill School Christmas Fete has been postponed due to the snow and will now be on Saturday 11th December 11 - 2pm - come along for Christmas fun and cake, 
best wishes, Janet

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Thanksgiving

Today is the 4th Thursday in November so for Americans its Thanksgiving Day - Truely in previous years I haven't really got the hang of this holiday as it seemed to me just Christmas dinner come early.  But due to being laid up and watching a lot of daytime t.v. thanks to Food Network the penny has dropped....the reason why you take a day to have a special dinner with those you love is becasue you are giving thanks for knowing them and what what they bring to your life (note no presents!) So as my one and only son came back from University for a flying visit (23 hours station pick up to drop off) I made him a Stars and Stripes flag to take back to share whith his friends...its not for nothing he is already known as Cake Boy.

The stars needed to be firmer royal icing but in order to get that train I had to make do...still its a representation given and taken with thanks.
Flag cakes are always a great gift idea - particularly for men, patriotic, their team colours or logo, the racing chequered flag, their favouite country, the list is endless, but also in this size 8 x 5 inches they are very postable in a protective box and will stay fresh for 3 days after receipt! To order phone 01732 843518 email or check the website

Now you can text me too 07714286911  Best Wishes, Janet

Monday, 15 November 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Small Biz Saturday

I have just discovered #SmallBizSat on twitter - like most great ideas it's really simple. On Saturday 27th November you buy products or services from small businesses -Brilliant - it will keep high streets vibrant and its fun to shop local. I am supporting this in a big way by offerring something new - Family size sponge cakes for one day only including the tasting day favouite Courgette Cake plus favouites: Vanilla Victoria, Lemon Ice and Chocolate Caramel
All cakes will be baked on Friday 26th and will be perfect for eating at Sunday tea - if you can wait that long. Family sponge cakes serve 8 and for #SmallBizSat only will be £5
Or if you are feeling especially decadant why not treat yourself to a 6 box of Red Velvets (Cream cheese frosted and decorated with a fondant rose) SmallBiz Sat - special price £10. To reserve your cakes text 07714286911 by Friday noon 26th November or email
Best Wishes, Janet

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Remembrance Sunday

Next Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and then on Tuesday its the 11th of the 11th. So this week I just want to show you a picture of some poppies - in Remembrance - and if you haven't given yet this year then instead of treating yourself to a cake this week hand over your money to the poppy appeal - all those boys being maimed or killed in our forces are somebody's son, boyfriend, husband or father - remember them.
I will be updating the blog again on Monday 15th November

Monday, 25 October 2010

All cupcakes look beautiful but if you want to make a big impression I can now offer you special wrappers to cosset those cakes so they are even more special. Of course Happy Birthday is the most often requested message, so here is a picture of what they look like on and off the cake.
So you might want to order these to go with your first order of cupcakes and then keep them safe to wrap around your next box - at £4 they don't cost a lot to make your cakes that little bit different.
Phone or text 07714286911 or
or check out the website if you want to feast your eyes on more georgeous cakes

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Cartoons

At first you may be surprised but the inspiration for cake designs comes from so many different places, fabric and lace often inspire me for icing shape and colour combinations, a visit to Buckingham Palace inspired a Crystal Wedding Cake Design  and if you need something different why not a cartoon character?
This Jessica rabbit design was a perfect birthday gift for Redhead from her husband. And this Pink Panther design was a play on the Hollywood bursting out of a birthday cake from those cheesy old Black and White movies...

So if you have a difficult present think about their favourite cartoon character and maybe we can make a sophisticated cake inspired by a cartoon.
Contact me in the most convenient way: text 07714286911 or See many more scrumptious cakes at

Monday, 11 October 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Christening Cakes

Getting a new baby christened is a wonderful celebration and its been a great pleasure to make this cake for my neighbours with findant building blocks spelling out the name - don't they look good enough to eat?

This was a luscious lemon cake with lemon buttercream - the tang of the lemon perfectly complementing the sweet fondant icing.This cake was the 'main feature' at a Christening tea party making the other tea cakes helslf with a bit of help from Grandma and M&S!

If you aren't a natural baker you can always order extra cakes for those special tea parties from DeliCakes as well as the main Celebration Cake - just discuss your specific requirements with Janet  text 07714286911 or email 
check out some great new designs on

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - 3D Cakes

Everything is in 3D now and DeliCakes can make you a cake that is right on trend. Admitedly most 3D cakes are best with a kids theme - here are two I have made, Barbie for the princesses and a Dalek for the hereos.

But these cakes don't cut so easily into portions for party bags - so if you go for a 3D feature cake think about having a cutting cake for their friends to take home or have some matching cookies made up for the party bags. For lots more ideas take a look at my website
or email me direct for a quote - for fancy cakes its best to plan ahead and give me 2 weeks notice.
Best wishes, Janet
ps I can now recieve text orders on 07714 286911

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Wedding Favours & Cookies

I've had a great idea this week regarding cookies and wedding favours - use them instead of cupcakes to complement or provide enough portions to your feature cake.
Here are some funky black labrador dog name favours I was inspired to make when I read an article saying that people want to include their pets in the wedding!. In cellophane bags these would make great place names and wedding favours combined.
Fondant covered Vanilla Cookies with Royal IcingLabrador      

Here are some more traditional  wedding favours decorated with a selection of wedding day iconic themes - cake, flowers, confetti, dress, DJ, champagne glass, music.
If you need more portions of cake for any celebration wedding, birthday or christening - especially if you have a lot of chilren coming - consider having hand made personalised cookies for the kids - less messy than cake too.
Cookies shaped and iced to your specific requirements can be ordered direct from
or by calling Janet on 01732 843518 and now you can text orders to 07714 286911

Monday, 13 September 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - National Cupcake week

What better way to celebrate NATIONAL CUPCAKE WEEK  than with a couple of fantastic photographs of my lovely cupcakes.  Sometimes I want to say thank you in a personal and lets face it yummy fashion so....

This is a trial run for fondant carnations - remember you can contact me or 07714286911


Monday, 6 September 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - A hug in a mouthfull

It's that time of year when brave mothers wave goodbye to their babies - they may be 6'2" and utterly gorgeous but its time for Uni the big wide world to claim them and your role is reduced to sending them off with a trunk of clean clothes and a credit bank balance. Resist texting every day or a friendly poke on facebook but send them off with a treat to remind them of home. Chocolate Brownies.

Every teenager loves them, rich and satisfying - ideal to share with new friends, fills them up when freshers week is a mostly liquid diet and most of all a big hug in a mouthfull.

If you're not the baking type I can make you personalised brownies or why not send them off with a selection box of individually wrapped brownies in 3 flavours - Classic with walnuts, fruit and nut with juicy raisins or  cherry treats. Order on line at  if you want them posted direct as an arrival gift or just ring me 01732 843518 for collection orders.
Best wishes

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Cake Accessories

Not sure if that's really the right heading but what I mean is things that can make your cakes even better becasue of the way they are presented. Here is the latest addition to the range of display ideas - a matching cake stand
When you order cupcakes (and top cutting cake) you commission a stand fondant iced and trimmed in ribbon to match or compliment your cakes. How could this not add the WOW factor to your display of cakes - ideal for Informat Weddings, Naming Celebrations or those Special Birthdays. Can be ordered in the usual way from Janet 01732 843518
What do you think of very personalised cards - not factory produced like that space animal - but lovely created and painted by a local artist with the colours design and message of your choice. Such a great idea for giving on their own - when you aren't giving a present. From this week these cards are available from my website
 Best wishes, Janet

Monday, 23 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Sport!

I think sport is a defining criteria in many of our lives - we either love doing it - much respect to my triathlete friends, or we hate it and go shoppoing when the world cup is on TV. However if there is a man in your life and  he is diffficult to buy for; a Birthday Cake with a sports theme is perfect.
Perhaps your man is a football or rugby fan, a cricketer or rower, a golfer or a snooker player, whatever the sport that interests him I can make a cake to reflect his passion.
Check the website
for lots more Birthday Cake ideas or email   
Best wishes, Janet

Monday, 16 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Petite Macaron

These are all the rage in Paris and its great to take a trend from the home of the best patisserie instead of the States. Almond Macaroons come in so many flavours each colour coded so they look as delicious they taste.
Made only with the finest fresh ingredients including double cream and chocolate ganache fillings a gift box would make a present.  
This box features four flavours: Double Chocolate, Fresh Mint, Raspberry and Chocolate Almond. However if you would like a macaroons for a wedding cake pyramid others flavours of your choice can be made - and of course colours can match your wedding theme.

Remember you can always order direct by email
Best wishes, Janet

Monday, 9 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Funeral Cakes?

You may think this is a daft idea but wouldn't a special cake be ideal at a wake. Last week I made a beautiful cake incorporating tealights for a special couple who I have known since before they were married and now here they were celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary. When the candles were lit it created a lovely atmosphere and in fact the guests sang 'Happy Anniversary to you..' while the lights were dimmed and it got me thinking that a simple and stylish cake with a real candle or tealights would make a beautiful tribute to celebrate a life well lived at a wake or reminisce.
A rich fruit cake cuts easily into many portions and goes well with a shot of something alcoholic to fortify the mourners, or a plain iced madeira gives a sweet boost with a cup of tea before long journeys home. At times of greatest loss we need the comfort of sharing with friends and family and this is another reason why sharing a special cake can be an idea worth considering.
to discuss your special occasion requirements email
best wishes

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - First Birthday

Lets be honest a baby’s first birthday is really a big celebration for the parents and the Mum in particular. You will have lots of memories of what you were doing this time one year ago – as in this time one year ago we were racing in the car to the hospital, this time one year ago we were sharing the gas & air, this time one year ago you held your baby for the first time - you get the picture.
Have a rich chocolate fugdge No 1 covered in real chocolate, or have some beautiful and luscious vanilla buttercream cupcakes. Have a special No 1 cake but bespoke baked so if you love coffee and walnut that’s what you get inside.
So make the first birthday cake something special you can enjoy as adults because it tastes fantastic - there will be many years of over pretty, fun primary coloured or gruesome cakes to come.
For more pictures see the website or email to discuss your original ideas
Best wishes, Janet     

Monday, 26 July 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Perfect Buttercream

I am often asked how do I make perfect buttercream - well its partly about ingredients and its partly technique - before I give you a few professional tips here are some really mouthwatering pictures of Buttercream Cupcakes

You can see more cakes on the website and you can email me with any cake queries you might have.

Perfect Butteream needs soft unsalted butter- I like Lurpak as it has a finer flavour but President is also good - beat until it is aerated and whiter than when you started, its best to use an electric mixer for this. When you add the icing sugar make sure it is very dry and you have sifted out any lumps - I like to stir  mine in first- as it saves covering the kitchen in icing sugar -  then beat it for a good 3 minutes with an electric mixer. Beat in vanilla to taste and hey presto you will have perfect buttercream ready for filling or icing a cake.
In the winter months when its colder you can add a tablespoon of milk per 100g of butter to loosen the mixture so it spreads or pipes more easily.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - School's Out

Ideal for an end of term football party here is a very realistic Football cake. What boy would not love to tuck into this with his footy mad friends or maybe a novelty cake like this would be the ideal gift for that 'hard to give to' Uncle, Nephew, Boss.

Wondering what was the favourite flavour at the Cake Tasting Day? Here is picture taken on the day by Samantha Jones professional photographer

 and check out the website blog for full details of what happened.  And you can order cakes there too!
best wishes

Monday, 12 July 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Cake Tasting Day

Have you ever wondered what courgette cake is like? Have you had a cream cone cake? And what is all the fuss the Americans make about Red Velvet? Come along to the cake tasting day this Friday 16th July between 10 and 2.30 to find out the answers for yourself.
In the interests of market research I will ask you to eat some cake, let some buttery frosting melt in your mouth and try to eat a unique range of English Garden Chocolates slowly enough to give me some feedback!
Let me know if you are coming

What do you think of these raspberry cone cakes? Add your comments below, they are a large cupcake sponge baked in a wafer cone, topped with raspberry conserve and vanilla buttercream, yum yum

In twitter word Wednesday is all about Weddings, so what do you think of these individual cakes as favours for wedding guests

This week I will be adding new pictures every day to tempt you to come along to Friday's tasting.
Best wishes, Janet

Monday, 5 July 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Website is Live!

the website is live so instead of reading the blog today take a look at the new site - I need lots of feedback   

ps its not just wedding cakes but that's the domain name for now

Monday, 28 June 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Weddings & Civil Partnerships

How true my byline is - we all want to be forever smitten and your big day is the way to tell the world you  believe it will be so. Wedding cakes are so special I have decided to put Deli Cakes on the web and is now the place for Brides and Grooms to feast on some delicious pictures before booking a Design and Taste meeting.

Don't forget I can make you the most sumptuous cupcakes so the option of a cupcake tower won't compromise the taste or style of your reception - in fact it's an ideal way to be flexible and have lots of cake. Three tier cakes are around £400 depending on filling and design and cupcakes start from £2.20 each. 

Tell your soon to be married friends about the new site and be assured of sumptuous cake at the reception. 

best wishes, Janet

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Children's Cakes

What were your birthday cakes like? Can you remember the excitement of the lights dimming, the swell of voices singing "Happy Birthday to You" the candle covered cake being proffered, the huge intake of breath, all leading to the moment when you blew out the candles in one long wwhfff and made a wish.
Children's cakes should be exciting and continue the party themesuch as the Hungry Catterpillar as you can get plates, paper plates, napkins, a tablecloth and invitations all to match.

The great thing about a big cake and cupcakes is that the big cake can have candles in it and be the focus for singing Happy Birthday and you can give a cupcake to everyone to take home in a party bag, so maybe choose fondant topped ones rather than buttercream!
The Hungry Catterpillar cake is ideal as you can have as long a caterpillar as you need to get the right amount of cake.

best wishes, Janet

Monday, 14 June 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Food Additives

Should you be worried?

Are E numbers in food bad for you and your family – well that depends on which ones you eat, how much and how often. First some facts and then some practical pointers. E numbers are allocated to all products that can be added to food – so even the red food colouring made from beetroot juice has a number E162 and acetic acid is E260 but its only the Latin name for vinegar! Both these ingredients are likely to be used in cakes but especially in this Red Velvet cake. 

  • No kids or elderly relatives you cook for regularly – then don’t worry – the really bad additives are banned. If you feel unwell after eating certain foods check the label next time for additives (some people are sensitive to gum derived additives, colours and preservatives leading to upset stomach’s headaches, increased chance of asthma and hyper activity in children) Use this link to check 
  • Children under 3 will have had food additives if they've eaten processed food. In youngsters even natural additives like salt should be had in moderation so the best thing is to restrict processed foods and look for ‘no artificial additive’ labels. Obviously sweets are high in sugar and brightly coloured foods will probably have more enumbers so make sweets a treat and look for natural colourings such as fruit and vegetable purees.

  • Older children may already have a taste for processed foods. Try to introduce some home made foods  to reduce additives and remember if its highly coloured and not a fruit or vegetable its bound to be full of enumbers. Don’t panic just make a few changes and give kids a different treat like Toffee Apples or Frozen Chocolate Bananas instead of a whole bar of chocolate.  (freeze bananas in skin – when required, skin banana and place on non stick paper, pour over melted chocolate. Ready to eat when set.

    Best wishes, 
    Janet 01732 843518

Monday, 7 June 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Fathers Day

Get ready its nearly Father's Day so what are you going to do for your Dad this year - not another themed gift from the chain stores, he's worth more than that. Men and cake fall into two categories - if they have a sweet tooth they will scoff a sponge cake faster than you can say happy fathers day and if they are more traditional they love a rich fruit cake.

These are two designs of cake I have previously given to my own Dad, he loved them both and the great thing was all the family got to share his present.

best wishes, Janet