Monday, 31 January 2011

OnceBitten Forever Smitten...Viva Las Vegas

Getting married abroad and having a reception party back in the UK has to be the most fun (and potentially economical) way to have a fabulous wedding and honeymoon. The weather is usually more predictable, everyone is relaxed at the reception, the Bride and Groom get to their wedding outfits twice and they can go to town on a themed wedding cake. Last week a fabulous couple on Kings Hill wed in Las Vegas and then had a black tie wedding reception when they got back; and this was the cake
 The bride chose a Chocolate truffle cutting cake shaped like a roulette wheel with hundreds of poker chip red velvet cupcakes for the guests as a surprise for her new husband. Want to bet if there was any cake left?
Such a change from feminine wedding cakes and a fantastic idea for a Birthday Cake.

For unusual wedding cakes or and fancy birthday cakes make sure you checkout the facebook page for Delicakes.
Best wishes, Janet

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Once bitten forever smitten... Burns Night

Even if not from Scotland you will know of Rabbie Burns the famous Scottish poet or Bard who died at the tender age of 37 - but what a legacy: Auld Lang Syne and A Red, Red Rose not to mention lots of children! So to mark his birth and satisfy the Scottish sweet tooth here is a selection of Tartan Shortbread biscuits.
The heart shape is a subtle reminder that Valentines day is soon and you should be thinking 'How can I woo my loved one?' There will be valentines specials available for my customers from next week, so if you would like a box of Valentine Biscuits delivered to any UK address on Monday 14th check the website or contact me as Valentine Hearts with your own personal message will be available by post.
Best wishes, Janet
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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Once bitten forever smitten...Vintage Style

It's impossible to miss the Vintage revival in cake, particularly wedding cakes - however on a day to day basis what is more comforting than a cup of tea and a chat with some luscious tasting beatifull looking cakes.
These little cakes pack layer on layer of flavour and texture; bite through the soft fondant sugar rose topper, let the vanilla buttercream melt on your tongue, catch a dash of luscious raspberry jam before the mouth filling satisfaction of a perfect sponge cake. the only thing that can make these even more desirable is if they are personalissed for your event - so continuing with the vintage theme I have devised Silhouette toppers for cupcakes.
Just email me a suitable photo and I will add silhouette toppers to your chosen cupcakes - Perfect for a Valentine gift or Engagement cupcakes or a more sophisticated Teenager's birthday. Cakes can be ordered direct from me 01732 8435118 or text your enquiry to 07714286911 or email

Check the Weddidng Delicakes website for lots of cake pictures and inspiration for your special cake
Best Wishes, Janet

Monday, 10 January 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - Personal Delivery

What's more exciting when working than the receptist calling to say "we have a delivery for you" Flowers are exciting and chocolates are tasty but a personalised cake is exciting and tasy - complete with a special message from the sender.
This cake was specially designed to make Jennifer's day as pink and perfect as possible. Her mum couldn't make her birthday cake this year so Delicakes baked it on wednesday and delivered it on thursday much to the delight of her friends in the marketing dept at Kings Hill.
Delivery to ME19 postcodes is free but dont worry if you need personal delivery outside the area we only charge £1 per mile.

For long distance gift cakes you can use the post-a-cake service which has excellent feedback
This pale version of the Union Jack (Ice blue and Rose pink) is only £36 including postage for the small size - its the perfect present to post.

For any other cake enquiries contact me directly, best wishes, Janet

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Once bitten forever smitten- Hats

New Year - New Hat... well hat shaped cakes. Hats really reflect the personality of the person that wears them so they are the perfect way to personalise a Birthday Cake. This cheeky Yankees Baseball Cap totally summed up the baseball mad 8 year old it was made for.

And these Witches Hat cupcakes were a wicked treat at the Kimberly Clark launch of Soothes tissues
So if you want a pretty present for your Mum what better than a Daisy decorated bonnet - this one would even be safe to send in the post!!
Visit the website for more inspiring ideas or contact me directly to order your special celebration cakes - phone 01732 843518 
text 07714286911
Best Wishes, Janet