Monday, 9 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Funeral Cakes?

You may think this is a daft idea but wouldn't a special cake be ideal at a wake. Last week I made a beautiful cake incorporating tealights for a special couple who I have known since before they were married and now here they were celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary. When the candles were lit it created a lovely atmosphere and in fact the guests sang 'Happy Anniversary to you..' while the lights were dimmed and it got me thinking that a simple and stylish cake with a real candle or tealights would make a beautiful tribute to celebrate a life well lived at a wake or reminisce.
A rich fruit cake cuts easily into many portions and goes well with a shot of something alcoholic to fortify the mourners, or a plain iced madeira gives a sweet boost with a cup of tea before long journeys home. At times of greatest loss we need the comfort of sharing with friends and family and this is another reason why sharing a special cake can be an idea worth considering.
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