Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Once Bitten Forever Smitten - Ultimate Wedding Cake

The ultimate design in my opinion is a four tier cake displayed on a pedestal stand. Perfectly iced in an antique white smooth fondant and decorated with a side design.
This stunning cake has all the elements that I love and that I am sure in time it will become a classic. The fantasy flowers were made to match the flower on the bride's dress and the dusky pink and apple green tinting was used to tie in the bridesmaid's dress colours. The flowers were made in Flowerpaste which means that while technically edible they can be carefully detached from the cake, wrapped in tissue and kept in a keepsake box - perfect for using again on the 1st Wedding Anniversary Cake.

The Ultimate Birthday cake has to be a cake that is just person perfect. Are they simple or complicated? do they like a lot of bling or a sharp style statement? What's their favouite flavour? Do they want to share it with everyone in the office or just their nearest and dearest? That's the beauty of a custom made cake - like a custom made suit you can get a perfect fit.
to order any size cake just email or text me 07714286911and Delicakes will make you the perfect cake.