Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Cake Accessories

Not sure if that's really the right heading but what I mean is things that can make your cakes even better becasue of the way they are presented. Here is the latest addition to the range of display ideas - a matching cake stand
When you order cupcakes (and top cutting cake) you commission a stand fondant iced and trimmed in ribbon to match or compliment your cakes. How could this not add the WOW factor to your display of cakes - ideal for Informat Weddings, Naming Celebrations or those Special Birthdays. Can be ordered in the usual way from Janet 01732 843518
What do you think of very personalised cards - not factory produced like that space animal - but lovely created and painted by a local artist with the colours design and message of your choice. Such a great idea for giving on their own - when you aren't giving a present. From this week these cards are available from my website    www.weddingdelicakes.co.uk
 Best wishes, Janet

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