Monday, 30 January 2012

Once bitten forever smitten - 3D or Carved Cakes

Have you ever seen Ace of Cakes on TV? Doug and the team often carve a cake into a particular shape so that a 3Dimensional cake is the result. Last month for the first time I was asked for a 3D wedding cake! It was a replica of the grooms motorcycle helmet and it featured neon edible cake colours. This is the happy couple featured in the Kent Messenger with their Helmet wedding cake.

This is the Helmet I copied.

This is the carved cake in the basic helmet shape with a buttercream covering. The cake was made of six layered victoria sponges with a central cake board and supports inside to keep it stable.

 The cake was then covered in green and orange fondant. All the fondant and royal icing embellishments were added separately to get as much realistic detail as possible. The visor is balck fondant, the numbers and name are fondant rimmed with royal icing and edible neon lustre dust was added at the end. The cake was presented on a 'tarmac' cake board. Here is the finished cake - the bride collected this cake and was so excited that she had chosen such a special cake for her husband to be.

Do you have an idea for a different wedding cake? Well if you do just contact Janet 01732843518 or email