Thursday, 25 November 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Thanksgiving

Today is the 4th Thursday in November so for Americans its Thanksgiving Day - Truely in previous years I haven't really got the hang of this holiday as it seemed to me just Christmas dinner come early.  But due to being laid up and watching a lot of daytime t.v. thanks to Food Network the penny has dropped....the reason why you take a day to have a special dinner with those you love is becasue you are giving thanks for knowing them and what what they bring to your life (note no presents!) So as my one and only son came back from University for a flying visit (23 hours station pick up to drop off) I made him a Stars and Stripes flag to take back to share whith his friends...its not for nothing he is already known as Cake Boy.

The stars needed to be firmer royal icing but in order to get that train I had to make do...still its a representation given and taken with thanks.
Flag cakes are always a great gift idea - particularly for men, patriotic, their team colours or logo, the racing chequered flag, their favouite country, the list is endless, but also in this size 8 x 5 inches they are very postable in a protective box and will stay fresh for 3 days after receipt! To order phone 01732 843518 email or check the website

Now you can text me too 07714286911  Best Wishes, Janet

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