Monday, 6 September 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - A hug in a mouthfull

It's that time of year when brave mothers wave goodbye to their babies - they may be 6'2" and utterly gorgeous but its time for Uni the big wide world to claim them and your role is reduced to sending them off with a trunk of clean clothes and a credit bank balance. Resist texting every day or a friendly poke on facebook but send them off with a treat to remind them of home. Chocolate Brownies.

Every teenager loves them, rich and satisfying - ideal to share with new friends, fills them up when freshers week is a mostly liquid diet and most of all a big hug in a mouthfull.

If you're not the baking type I can make you personalised brownies or why not send them off with a selection box of individually wrapped brownies in 3 flavours - Classic with walnuts, fruit and nut with juicy raisins or  cherry treats. Order on line at  if you want them posted direct as an arrival gift or just ring me 01732 843518 for collection orders.
Best wishes

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