Monday, 5 September 2011

Once Bitten - Forever Smitten - Best Value

Are you a price savy bride or a spend thirft groom? The thing is no matter what your normal habits are, when spending on your wedding different rules apply. Who is paying? and are they just handing over a lump sum for you to spend or are they trying to give you something that's not quite perfect. Are the families paying for the reception and the happy couple footing the bill for everything else? Are you hoping to save money by makeing do?

During this wedding season I have had a Sister & Brother, a Step-Mum, a Grandad, and of course the Father of Bride pay for wedding cakes. Paying for the cake is a delightful way of contributing to the couple's big day so providing they still get to choose the cake filling and design its a gift that will be remembered by all of those attending. Savy brides have even been known to add the cake to their wedding list!

 Now I have wetted your appetite with pictures of some of this season's most beautiful wedding cakes there is some good and bad news. Bad news first........due to the ever increasing costs of ingredients, electricity and transport prices will be increasing prices for the 2012 wedding season and theGood News is you still have 4 weeks to book your Design & Taste session and get your 2012 wedding cake at 2011 prices.
Still more Good order to help you plan your costs I will be accepting the full payment in 3 installments rather than 2 so its easier to reserve the cake of your dreams and pay for it next year.
Book your Design and Taste session now for 2011 prices or come to The Wedding Show at Leeds Castle on October 15th and 16th to register for a discount voucher.  Remember to visit the website for lots more ideas for Wedding Cakes or Birthday Cakes and to Order
Best Wishes, Janet