Sunday, 1 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - First Birthday

Lets be honest a baby’s first birthday is really a big celebration for the parents and the Mum in particular. You will have lots of memories of what you were doing this time one year ago – as in this time one year ago we were racing in the car to the hospital, this time one year ago we were sharing the gas & air, this time one year ago you held your baby for the first time - you get the picture.
Have a rich chocolate fugdge No 1 covered in real chocolate, or have some beautiful and luscious vanilla buttercream cupcakes. Have a special No 1 cake but bespoke baked so if you love coffee and walnut that’s what you get inside.
So make the first birthday cake something special you can enjoy as adults because it tastes fantastic - there will be many years of over pretty, fun primary coloured or gruesome cakes to come.
For more pictures see the website or email to discuss your original ideas
Best wishes, Janet     

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