Friday, 18 January 2013

Once bitten forever smitten - Its all in the detail

One of my customers this week confessed she passed my cake off as her own! Shame on you Mrs M but as you told me about your brother - he spent 3 hours making two characters for his son's birthday cake - and the figures fell apart before the cake was eaten! - which inspired me to write this blog, so I will forgive you ;)
This is the cake that maybe was a little too perfect to really be 'homemade'

The biggest difference between a professionally made cake and a cake made for you by a friend is in the detail. When planning that BIG celebration such as a wedding or christening do you really want to make do or do you want the perfect centrepiece and photo-opportunity.

Take a look at this beautiful classic wedding cake - can you really imagine requesting that your favouite Aunt gets it this perfect. Is a friend really going to know how to make up to four different cake flavours and fillings that will stay fresh and hold their shape while the intricate icing is completed? Is your Mum going to have 30 -35 hours free in the 3 days before your wedding to make the cake?

A professional cake designer will work with you to create a cake that is totally right for you and your event. Consider it as important as having a wedding dress that fits - if it looks stunning and tastes fantastic what more could you ask.

As savy bride and grooms are watching their budgets Delicakes is offering easy payment terms for wedding cakes over £500 and a takeaway bespoke wedding cake (less service but same cake!) 2 tiers £250 3 tiers £330

All birthday cakes are made to order and to be sure their is space in the baking diary to make your cake you should order at least two weeks in advance by email or phone 01732843518