Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Once bitten forever smitten - Ultimate cake range

For me the Ultimate cake is made with superior local ingredients, skillfully baked into a delicious cake and beautifully decorated. Sometimes that means less is more and therefore I am launching my Ultimate cake range.

These are simply beautiful cakes where the pleasure comes from the divine ingredients, intense flavours and mouthwatering texture and flavour combinations. For high days and holidays or a "because I'm worth it" treat - these are not just for weddings. Available from the West Malling shop soon but in the meantime just order from Janet.

Also in the range are the Red Velvet and Cream CheeseCupcakes which need no explanation and the Ultimate Birthday Cake - One for adults I think with its perfect Vanilla sponge, layered with a rich creamy buttercream and covered in a fruity raspberry jam. All protected by a delicious almond marzipan and fondant covering and decorated to your specification.
For lots of pictures of delicious Delicakes check out the website for Birthdays or Weddings

Order from Janet by phone 01732843518 by text 07714286911 or by email