Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Cake Accessories

Not sure if that's really the right heading but what I mean is things that can make your cakes even better becasue of the way they are presented. Here is the latest addition to the range of display ideas - a matching cake stand
When you order cupcakes (and top cutting cake) you commission a stand fondant iced and trimmed in ribbon to match or compliment your cakes. How could this not add the WOW factor to your display of cakes - ideal for Informat Weddings, Naming Celebrations or those Special Birthdays. Can be ordered in the usual way from Janet 01732 843518
What do you think of very personalised cards - not factory produced like that space animal - but lovely created and painted by a local artist with the colours design and message of your choice. Such a great idea for giving on their own - when you aren't giving a present. From this week these cards are available from my website    www.weddingdelicakes.co.uk
 Best wishes, Janet

Monday, 23 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Sport!

I think sport is a defining criteria in many of our lives - we either love doing it - much respect to my triathlete friends, or we hate it and go shoppoing when the world cup is on TV. However if there is a man in your life and  he is diffficult to buy for; a Birthday Cake with a sports theme is perfect.
Perhaps your man is a football or rugby fan, a cricketer or rower, a golfer or a snooker player, whatever the sport that interests him I can make a cake to reflect his passion.
Check the website  www.weddingdelicakes.co.uk
for lots more Birthday Cake ideas or email   
Best wishes, Janet

Monday, 16 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Petite Macaron

These are all the rage in Paris and its great to take a trend from the home of the best patisserie instead of the States. Almond Macaroons come in so many flavours each colour coded so they look as delicious they taste.
Made only with the finest fresh ingredients including double cream and chocolate ganache fillings a gift box would make a present.  www.weddingdelicakes.co.uk  
This box features four flavours: Double Chocolate, Fresh Mint, Raspberry and Chocolate Almond. However if you would like a macaroons for a wedding cake pyramid others flavours of your choice can be made - and of course colours can match your wedding theme.

Remember you can always order direct by email mail@weddingdelicakes.co.uk
Best wishes, Janet

Monday, 9 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Funeral Cakes?

You may think this is a daft idea but wouldn't a special cake be ideal at a wake. Last week I made a beautiful cake incorporating tealights for a special couple who I have known since before they were married and now here they were celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary. When the candles were lit it created a lovely atmosphere and in fact the guests sang 'Happy Anniversary to you..' while the lights were dimmed and it got me thinking that a simple and stylish cake with a real candle or tealights would make a beautiful tribute to celebrate a life well lived at a wake or reminisce.
A rich fruit cake cuts easily into many portions and goes well with a shot of something alcoholic to fortify the mourners, or a plain iced madeira gives a sweet boost with a cup of tea before long journeys home. At times of greatest loss we need the comfort of sharing with friends and family and this is another reason why sharing a special cake can be an idea worth considering.
to discuss your special occasion requirements email mail@weddingdelicakes.co.uk
best wishes

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - First Birthday

Lets be honest a baby’s first birthday is really a big celebration for the parents and the Mum in particular. You will have lots of memories of what you were doing this time one year ago – as in this time one year ago we were racing in the car to the hospital, this time one year ago we were sharing the gas & air, this time one year ago you held your baby for the first time - you get the picture.
Have a rich chocolate fugdge No 1 covered in real chocolate, or have some beautiful and luscious vanilla buttercream cupcakes. Have a special No 1 cake but bespoke baked so if you love coffee and walnut that’s what you get inside.
So make the first birthday cake something special you can enjoy as adults because it tastes fantastic - there will be many years of over pretty, fun primary coloured or gruesome cakes to come.
For more pictures see the website www.weddingdelicakes.co.uk or email mail@weddingdelicakes.co.uk to discuss your original ideas
Best wishes, Janet