Monday, 17 September 2012

Once bitten, forever featured on Sky Living

Yes we have been featured on the new TV show Cooks to Market currently showing on Sky Living on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8pm.
Picture by Samantha Jones
Janet (on the right) and Suzanne made 180 Delikones in Raspberry Fizz and Chocolate Nut flavours and sold them at One New Change by St Paul's Cathedral in London. This was all back in June before the Jubilee but the show was first screened on 12th September and is to be repeated tonght - Monday 17th September. Winning the challenge was a moment of particular embarrasment as we only made £21 profit but the other team made a masssive loss making and selling soup.

We got to pitch our product to the panel of experts whom we had not met before we stood trembling in front of them. In Dragon's Den style David Ishag summed us up quite well when he said how can I invest I don't know if you want one pound, one thousand or one million! The thing was we didn't know either as we had only had a weekend since we won and we didn't really know where to take our product as it was only invented for the show.

Still not having a plan did not stand in our way for long as Sharon Huetson from EasyJet quickly recognised the Delikone USP - a proper pudding you can eat without a spoon or bowl - just perfect for treating yourself on that plane journey to your holiday.So during October if you are flying out of Standsted Airport make sure you ask your EasyJet steward for a Delikone.

If you are having a catered function in the London area Suzanne's catering company Limoncello can provide all your needs including Delikones for pudding and if you are Kent based I provide Delikones from my Delicakes kitchen.

And just a final word about using freeze dried raspberries - Gizzi Erskine may not like them but they are the reason why our product works. I did a lot of research and development of the recipe to ensure the cone stays crisp. When we used fresh raspberry as suggested it soaked through and the cones fell apart!

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