Friday, 26 October 2012

Once bitten, forever smitten - a photo says it all

Often people say to me - here's a photo - doesn't do the dress, cake, view etc justice - but you get the idea. So why do some people not get the best photographic memories possible of the big events in their life. I aways take a quick snap of a finished cake and the best ones end up on my website, the rest I keep as a record for myself anyway of how the cake turned out.
 by SamanthaJonesPhotography
 But look at the way these stylish cupcakes just pop when taken by a professional photographer with an artistic eye. You can smell almost smell the sweetness and the tastebuds start to tingle. Likewise this cute cake topper wouldn't have looked so impressive without the detail of good quality photography.
by SamanthaJonesPhotography
And even a simple bithday cake shaped to represent a Skateboard is shown as at its best when perfectly lit for the photograph - before it was eaten in 2 mnutes by a hoard of teenage boys.
by SamanathaJonesPhotography

Most of the time we have a special cake so we can share the moment of lighting the candles, singing happy birthday, watchng the Bride and Groom cut the cake and then share a special and delicious cake. So dont forget to get that unique photograph before you eat the cake.

To order cakes phone Janet 01732843518 or email.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Once bitten forever smitten - To Duck or not to Duck

This summer Jamie Oliver was extolling the virtues of Duck eggs in cakes rather than Hen's eggs. For those that have seen my foray into TV land (Cooks to Market on Sky Living) you will know I don't do what I'm told but if experiment and science gives me good reason to change tried and trusted recipes then I will.
First of all Duck Eggs look very pretty, they are clean and whitish with delicate mottled shading as if they have been dipped in water colour paints. They are also the size of a Large hens egg or even bigger. When cracked open the white is not so much white as really clear - looked wholesome and delicious. Here is a comparison of a Duck egg on left and a Hen's egg on right. I bought all the eggs in my local Waitrose.
We made two Victoria sponges using the same all in one method and the same amount of butter, sugar and flour. The cakes looked the same when baked and when eaten without any additional frostings they tasted the same but the texture of the Duck egg cake was firmer. I suspect this was the extra protein in the larger eggs. But the thing is the Duck egg cake didn't have any advantages and they cost about double the price of Hen's eggs so my advice is keep the Duck eggs to boil for breakfast when you want an egg that looks cute and special still in its shell and use hen's eggs for baking.
This is the Victoria sponge filled with cream and strawberries made with Duck eggs. I can make your special cakes with or without any key ingredient - I call them Freefrom Delicakes and more information is available on my website. If you have any wedding or celebration cake enquiries email