Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - Creative Cakes

If you are going to pay for a specialist to make you a cake then be inspired - if you can buy one like it at Asda what's the point? Bespoke cakes are for totally indulging your taste buds with sumptuous flavour combinations and for for going wild creatively. Now take this week - its my 5th Wedding Anniversary so wood is the traditional gift but I prefer cake. So this year we have a Dali inspired molten clock cake.
I love to make my own interpretations in sugar of classic themes - so if you have an idea - just ask! Mollie's Daughter asked for her cake to be decorated with her favouite hobby (all these 80 year olds are so active, but maybe that's the secret) so I make a boules cake, its also known as petanque but it doesn't matter. This was a sponge cake perfect for her friends and family to enjoy at a teatime party.
The sand is sugar so the boules rolled around when the cake was carried leaving very realistic trails in the 'sand'.
For more cake ideas seee the Birthday Delicakes website and don't forget if you are getting hitched in 2012 you should book your cake maker before Christmas.
Best wishes, Janet

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