Thursday, 30 June 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - How long does it take to make a cake?

I was at a garden party last weekend and the mother of a prospective groom asked me how long does it takes to make a wedding cake and my response - about three and a half days. This is true for a standard 3 tier cake and I thought no more about it. Then today I got a call asking if I could make an open bible cake for a christening in 10 days time - of course I can make it and I had loads of ideas to make it appropriate and pretty but I cannot make it as there isnt enough time...
So when ordering a special cake its not the time it takes to make the cake that's important for your order to be accepted its the time available in the 3-4 days before the delivery date. With the exception of fruit cakes which should always be ordered 10 weeks in advance most cakes shold be ordered 3-4 weeks before you need them. Then your bespoke cake maker can schedule the purchasing of special trimmings, ensure the cakes are baked, rested, 'dirty iced' so called because the crumbs show through, chilled, second coat buttercream, chilled, marzipan covered, rested overnight, fondant iced, stacked and decorated and finally boxed for delivery or collection.
If you have a wedding make sure you start the selection process for a cake maker 6 months before the big day - and for all other celebrations unless you want a 3 tier cake make sure you have chosen a cake maker a month in advance. Of course at a quiet time you may be lucky with a week or two's notice. And don't forget if you want something special for your own Birthday register for the wish-list. Orders can be placed by email or via the contact form.
Best wishes, Janet

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