Monday, 31 January 2011

OnceBitten Forever Smitten...Viva Las Vegas

Getting married abroad and having a reception party back in the UK has to be the most fun (and potentially economical) way to have a fabulous wedding and honeymoon. The weather is usually more predictable, everyone is relaxed at the reception, the Bride and Groom get to their wedding outfits twice and they can go to town on a themed wedding cake. Last week a fabulous couple on Kings Hill wed in Las Vegas and then had a black tie wedding reception when they got back; and this was the cake
 The bride chose a Chocolate truffle cutting cake shaped like a roulette wheel with hundreds of poker chip red velvet cupcakes for the guests as a surprise for her new husband. Want to bet if there was any cake left?
Such a change from feminine wedding cakes and a fantastic idea for a Birthday Cake.

For unusual wedding cakes or and fancy birthday cakes make sure you checkout the facebook page for Delicakes.
Best wishes, Janet

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