Monday, 10 January 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - Personal Delivery

What's more exciting when working than the receptist calling to say "we have a delivery for you" Flowers are exciting and chocolates are tasty but a personalised cake is exciting and tasy - complete with a special message from the sender.
This cake was specially designed to make Jennifer's day as pink and perfect as possible. Her mum couldn't make her birthday cake this year so Delicakes baked it on wednesday and delivered it on thursday much to the delight of her friends in the marketing dept at Kings Hill.
Delivery to ME19 postcodes is free but dont worry if you need personal delivery outside the area we only charge £1 per mile.

For long distance gift cakes you can use the post-a-cake service which has excellent feedback
This pale version of the Union Jack (Ice blue and Rose pink) is only £36 including postage for the small size - its the perfect present to post.

For any other cake enquiries contact me directly, best wishes, Janet

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