Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Once bitten forever smitten...Vintage Style

It's impossible to miss the Vintage revival in cake, particularly wedding cakes - however on a day to day basis what is more comforting than a cup of tea and a chat with some luscious tasting beatifull looking cakes.
These little cakes pack layer on layer of flavour and texture; bite through the soft fondant sugar rose topper, let the vanilla buttercream melt on your tongue, catch a dash of luscious raspberry jam before the mouth filling satisfaction of a perfect sponge cake. the only thing that can make these even more desirable is if they are personalissed for your event - so continuing with the vintage theme I have devised Silhouette toppers for cupcakes.
Just email me a suitable photo and I will add silhouette toppers to your chosen cupcakes - Perfect for a Valentine gift or Engagement cupcakes or a more sophisticated Teenager's birthday. Cakes can be ordered direct from me 01732 8435118 or text your enquiry to 07714286911 or email

Check the Weddidng Delicakes website for lots of cake pictures and inspiration for your special cake
Best Wishes, Janet

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