Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - Sight, smell, touch and taste

Enjoying a cake uses four of the five senses (all except hearing). When you see that cake you just want to taste it, when you smell that sweet mallowly scent of fondant icing you start to salivate, when it gets onto your tongue you feel the lightness of the sponge and the sweetness of the frosting on your teeth and then your tastebuds are all at once satisfied by the melting butteryness and sugar rush.

The whole concept of Delicakes is that the taste and mouthfeel is so mouthwateringly yummy you will always want more. If you dont like fondant your cake can be covered in butttercream frosting as above or creamcheese for a clean finish as below
Or you can go for a fondant decorated cake to reflect a favouite hobby such as this Snare Drum cake that had a chocolate and vanilla marble cake hiding inside.

All cakes can be ordered by email, and there are now separate websites for Birthday cakes and Wedding cakes so you can quickly find what you want, best wishes, Janet

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