Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - Tea and Cake

I know that we can't move for coffee bars in every high street but what I long for mid afternoon is a nice cup of Earl Gey Tea - Actually I love a cup to start the day too, but that's beside the point as I really want to tell you what teas go best with cake.
Underneath this wedgewood blue and white rose teapot is a firm and fruity cherry genoa cake. Its a light fruit cake made with orange juice, glace cherries and sultanas and covered in marzipan it keeps very well. A thick slice of this cake goes perfectly with the aforementioned Earl Grey tea or maybe a glass of champagne to celebrate something special. I made this cake for Mothers Day but it would be a fantastic cutting cake for a tower of Rose topped Cupcakes especially if you are having a tea party or vintage theme for your wedding.
For those rich flavours like caramel, chocolate and even coffee walnut cake try Darjeeling as it has a strong clean flavour and quite a lot of tanin which works with the rich creaminess of buttercream. So it would be ideal to serve with this box of 18th Birthday Cupcakes
A cup of slightly floral Lapsang Souchong would be perfect with a raspberry macaroon, in fact any macaroon that lets the almond flavour through so probably not too good with chocolate or coffee or caramel.
All the above featured cakes can be found on the BirthdayDelicakes website or just email janet@weddingdelicakes.co.uk to place an order now. Leave a comment to tell me what your favouite combination of Tea & Cake.
Best wishes, Janet

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