Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - Puddings

There are few men who do not have a sweet tooth - Greg Wallace from @Masterchef even uses @Puddingface as his twitter name so why do so many of us offer a shop bought sweet but virtually taste and texture free desert to end a meal we have spent masses of time and money on? Sometimes its not knowing how to make a pudding that will do justice to the other courses.

These are luscious lemon velvet cakes; juicy lemon sponge, lemon curd filled and topped with a swirl of the most seductive of frostings - Its based on an Italian Meringue and 4 / 5
tasters believe its whipped fresh cream with flavour!! You could serve these as individual portions or order the same recipe as a large pudding and serve with a jug of lemon sauce. £3 per portion from Delicakes including the lemon sauce. This is part of the  "I made it myself" range you will see introduced this summer for the lucky hostesses of Kings Hill.

If you are serving a two course supper or lunch then make sure each course does you justice. There are so many good main course ideas I won't dwell on those but aahh the sweet bit we are allowed if we eat up all our veg.
Cold souffles are really impressive and a perfect taste of Summer - these chocolate and lemon souffles were served to guests at a recent Hever Castle Wedding where the bride wanted a non traditonal cake. Each souffle has a light sponge base and toasted chopped nuts for crunch  - although I am working on a caramel souffle with cinder toffee for those with nut allergies.

I dont share my special recipes but if you have any questions about how to? ask me via a comment below or

Best wishes Janet

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