Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - Marvellous Marzipan

If you think you dont like it maybe you should try a quality homemade version? Marzipan is made using equal parts of caster to icing sugar then equal sugar to ground almonds and its brought to a paste with pasteurised egg white, so its the same as those yummy macaroons you can get from Delicakes.
In this sponge wedding cake marzipan was used to seal the sponge, add flavour and make a smooth finish so the fondant finish was perfect. Also the combination of raspberries and almonds is so mouthwatering that I always use a raspberry jam filling if marzipan is being used.
These flat topped cupcakes are filled with raspberry jam and 'iced' with coloured marzipan. The marzipan keeps the sponge soft and fresh and its got its own real flavour so its often ordered by customers who don't have a sweet tooth but who love cake. For total over the top luxury order a wedding cupcake tower with a swirl of buttercream on top of the marzipan - eat your heart out Heston - this is a deconstructed cake!
You can order your cupcakes custom topped with a choice of: Marzipan, Fondant, Buttercream, Creamcheese or Italian meringue.
Email janet@weddingdelicakes.co.uk or text 07714286911 for any cake questions or orders,
best wishes, Janet

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