Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Once bitten forever smitten...Wish List

Looking back over recent cake pictures there are very few cakes for women. Then I realised why, the majority of my customers are women and they are usually ordering a cake for their children's or partner's birthday such as the Black Cab cake below, so I wonder who makes them a beautiful birthday cake?
Yes I know Mums always say a half raw, finger poked, child's effort is priceless (I'm a Mum too) but surely those guys & gals that claim to love us could make  an effort and order us a unique and special cake for our Birthday, Anniversary or Mothers day. The evidence is that you make a huge effort to order some exceptionally delicious and creative cakes that are so personal there is no doubt you put your children's and partner's happiness first. To solve this problem and in homage to Marie Antoinette Let Me Eat Cake is launched today on the website
You say when you would like a cake, what your flavour preferences are and if you like cupcakes or a full on iced cake - fill in the relevant dates and this is the cunning bit - your partner's email address. We do the rest by sending design options and voila! you have the most amazzing cake for your big day.  Email me now

 or register at www.weddingdelicakes.co.uk  - its time to put yourself first, best wishes, Janet

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