Monday, 28 February 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - Baking for One?

Baking is good for the soul but if you follow most recipes they are for huge quantities that are far too much unless you are entertaining. It seems to me that the main problem is the egg! and its not easy using a divided quantity of egg - so I'm going to share with you my classic baking recipe's using ONE EGG.
Today its Classic Victoria Sponge
  • 55g unsalted buttter
  • 55g caster sugar
  • 55g self raising flour
  • Pre heat oven to 160/130 fan oven. Line 13-16cm cake tin with baking paper. Put all ingredients in bowl and beat with electric beater for 2 mins - you will have a creamy smooth mixture. Scrape every last bit into prepared tin - level top with back of spoon and bake in centre of oven for 25 minutes **Cooks Tip use a timer and do not leave the kitchen as it may smell cooked before the timer goes off so you should check. If a sponge cake smells cooked and looks cooked - it is cooked!
Cut cake in half so you have two semi circles and sandwich together with jam and frosting of your choice. this makes 3 impressive portions of cake - one for now- one for tea- and one tomorrow!
Variations on the theme
1) Take out 4 teaspoons of flour and replace with 4 teaspoons of Cocoa powder to make the chocolate cake illustrated. (You can buy cans of buttercream frosting that will keep for ages in the fridge so you can use some to sandwich this cake and save the rest for next time you bake)
2) Divide the mixture between 4 muffin cases and bake for 18-20 mins. When cool spread the top with Jam and buttercream as above for individual Victoria Cupcakes
3) Make it into a pudding by placing 3 tablespoons of marmalade or golden syrup into pyrex pudding bowl. Put sponge mixture on top - Microwave for 2 minutes - leave for one minute & serve hot with custard or cream ( this will be too much for one person's pudding but you can keep half in fridge)
I haven't suggested you freeze the leftovers - but of course you can. Baking is indulgent and feel good, so bake in small quantities and enjoy your cake soft and moist and fresh.
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  Best Wishes, Janet

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