Saturday, 25 August 2012

Once bitten forever smitten - Buttercream Cakes

As with all things there are trends and fashions and right now Buttercream covered cakes are having a comback. Maybe its because we've got used dto delicious buttercream on our cupcakes but full on swirly decorated cakes are definately back in fashion.

 So if you want a pink Hello Kitty or a riot of roses buttercream is the tastiest decoration possible - soft and less sweet than fondant its a little bit retro and little bit individual as you can have any colour or texture.

 This chunky wedding cake is ideal for chocaholics - completely filled and covered with a chocolate fudge buttercream - the heady scent of cocoa as you get close makes the mouth water

This 'grass' covered golf cake made a hobby come to life and only the flagpole was not eaten!

 Contact Janet to order your cake - but dont leave it too late - once my order book is full I have to say no. 01732843518

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