Monday, 17 October 2011

Once bitten forever smitten - Wedding Fairs

In my last blog I discussed the decline in wedding numbers every year and so I have to ask, "why are there so many wedding fairs every Autumn?

I know we ladies like a good excuse to shop but I seriously believe the wedding fair market may now be offering so much choice it is just making things harder for couples to make decisions. Its a good principle to bring all wedding industry services together but now every venue holds at least one wedding fair throughout the winter plus there are the big shows like Leeds Castle and Detling.

Last weekend I exhibited at The Wedding Show at Leeds Castle, there were lots of Brides, Chief Bridesmaids and Mothers having a fun day out window shoopping all the fantastic services the wedding industry can now provide. I only met a handful of Grooms and all of them had a wedding date for the next six months. So it seems to me that guys don't get involved till it gets proper serious or do they just want to be involved in the fun stuff like tasting cake? Joking apart the Bride has a lot more to think about and needs a longer lead time to research the market and plan the details of the big day. However my advice is don't go to every one you see advertised and if your wedding is in the next 6 -9 months go to 2 or 3 shows then start booking your suppliers or you'll miss the chance with the one you really want.

On the point of avalability last year several couples were turned down by Delicakes as there just wasn't the capacity to make any more cakes.  So despite the downward trend in wedding numbers in the UK,  Delicakes have doubled the Wedding Cake capacity for 2012 and either Linda or Janet will take sole responsibility for your cake design, creation and delivery. Mind you even with Linda and Janet working flat out July '12 is definately going to be a tricky month to get a bespoke wedding cake and some couples will have to have the takeaway service or find another less busy cakemaker.

One of the really pleasurable parts of planning is going to your Design and Taste together. Would you buy your Wedding Dress or Tux without trying a few on? Of course not - so why would you order a cake that hasn't been designed and made just for you?

All Design and Taste sesssions in October are now booked but if you are free on November 19th or December 3rd you can book with Janet by email.
Just a quick note to any couples looking forward to a 2013 wedding - why not order a birthday cake or christmas cake so you can have an advance taster of your wedding cake. Best wishes, Janet

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