Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Once bitten forever smitten - Fresh Ideas

Research and development is always so enjoyable when your day job is making delicious cakes. I have now perfected Parsnip and Ginger cupcakes to add to the existing vegetable options of Beetroot and Chocolate and the traditional favourite Carrot cake. Can't think of a tastier way to get 5 a day.
Does anyone remember a cookery programme last summer when Valentine Warner made lavender meringues which he called 'fairy tits' - amazing he said that on the BBC - anyway I have been experimenting with a lavender infused Italian meringue mixture that makes a sublime topping for almond sponge cupcakes - perfect for an indulgent afternoon or a luxurient pudding when profiteroles are just on the menu too often.
And just to finish this weeks blog a beautiful sugar rose that will grace the cake of my good friends Jo and Nick who get married this summer.

best wishes, Janet

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